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Valid point; some loves just aren't returned. But those that are are beautiful. You'll probably understand when you grow up. Also, you don't have to love girls. Or even -just- girls. You can love boys, or boys -and- girls, or people who are both or neither. But again, you'll probably have to live for a few more years before you really understand.

“Oh you’re too young to understand” Ugh, and this is why I don’t like adults. 

You might have a point but honestly? I doubt I’m gonna change my mind any time soon so I could care less. 

and If I ever do actually fall in love, somebody better hit me in the head or something and bring me back to my senses.

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Love isn't gross, you know. Or at least, it doesn't have to be. Finding a partner you love is like finding your other half, the light when your world seems dark, the one you can trust to never stab you in the back. They can cause you pain, but the happiness in between is so incredible it's worth it. It's like keeping your best friend by your side forever.

you can get stabbed in the back by people you love though, and I’m perfectly happy by myself so I don’t really see the point, plus girls have cooties. 

Feb 27 2013 12:22

Ever been in love?

Ew, no.

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Do you get your outfit from Gambi?


No, It’s my costume from the circus. I figured I might as well take it with me or it was just gonna get thrown out. 

Feb 27 2013 12:15 1 note

What dye to you use to colour your hair?

Just some temporary hair spray stuff you can find in stores around Halloween and in costume shops, It’s easy to wash out if I need to.

It rubs off on everything when I first spray it in though. :/

Feb 2 2013 19:23


(( Being a circus kid James has never really had a permant home, staying in his apartment now is weird enough for him considering he’s used to moving around a few times a month. 

Though it is nice to not have to worry about losing some your stuff because you didn’t pack quick enough. ))

Feb 2 2013 19:21


(( Other then Nightmares James tends to have rather vivd and strange dreams that most of the time he never remembers when he wakes up. 

One of the few he can remember was a giant jar of Jelly attacking some city godzilla style, he’s still not entirely sure what brought that on. )) 

Feb 2 2013 19:18


(( Dead silence is actually really annoying to James, so he uasually has music playing when he’s working if only for background noise so it’s not so quiet. 

As for what types of music he likes James isn’t very picky but if the song was from/in something animated then he has an mp3 or something of it (Unless its from a cartoon he’s never heard of.) )) 

Feb 2 2013 19:15 1 note


(( James loves any toys he can get his hands on but what he loves most is how with a few modifications you can take any toy and no matter how innocent it looks you can get it to make some serious mayhem/damage, and no one will ever see it comming. )) 

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☯ ☾

(( ☯ : Genderbent headcanon

Well other then what everyone has said about Jamie (That’s what we’ve been calling rule 63 Trick Kid right?) She’s really good at pretending to be a boy when she needs to and has used that skill to mess with everyone at least once. 

☾ : Sleep headcanon

Unless he was so tired he fell asleep as soon as he hit the bed James never stays still in his sleep and changes positions a lot. It’s pretty normal to find him sleeping upside down or sideways across the bed. This is mostly because he’d used to sleeping in a hammock most of the time so now that he has an actual bed he takes advantage of the ability to move around. ))